Outdoor Tech Rhinos - Rugged Waterproof Headphones

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Wireless waterproof headphones that use Bluetooth to stream crystal clear audio. So when you want to wear headphones while going through a car wash in a convertible, get these. 

Rugged Waterproof Headphones 

The Rhinoceros has always been revered as a tough, and seemingly indestructible animal. With tough, thick skin it survives some of harshest conditions on our planet. Just like the animal, the Rhinos are built tough. Made to withstand some of the harshest punishments, the Rhinos just keep chugging along providing hours of audio ecstasy. Water and headphones don't mix, until now. The Rhinos can be rained on, splashed on, dunked in water, and they even float. After dunking them in water, just shake off the excess water and go back to listening to those self-help tapes on how not to drop stuff in water. 

Simple Controls 

We made the Rhinos waterproof headphones really easy to control. Volume up/down, track forward/back and play/pause. You can even activate Siri or Google Voice. 

8 Hour Play Time 

Long plane ride? We got you. 
Marathon homework session? Still got you. 
Want to listen to William Shatner "sing" rocketman on repeat for 8 hours? Um, weird but we still got your back. 
The point is that the Rhinos will play music for 8 hours at max volume. If you are listening to music lower than maximum volume, you will get even more listening time before you have to recharge. 

Built-in Microphone 

You're popular, we get it. We added a microphone so you can make important calls. 


40mm drivers deliver the full range of clear sound, wirelessly. 
Built-in microphone. 
IPX6 waterproof and the ability to handle frigid temps (-20°C/-4°F) 
External controls allow you to adjust volume, change tracks, play/pause, and answer calls. 
Rugged design that makes them "hard to break". 
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 
Playtime: 8 hours. 
Standard micro USB charge port. 
Adjustable Length 
Bluetooth 4.1 

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