100% Strata Moto Goggle With SVS Roll-Off System

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The Strata - Lead the charge

Don't let treacherous weather conditions slow you down. The Mud Strata comes prefabricated with 100%'s Speedlab Vision System (SVS) professionally installed straight out of the box. Now you can immediately attack the course with the confidence of having clear vision. 

The clear lexan lens has dimples to ensure that the film doesn't stick and flows smoothly from one side to the other. 

Purpose built for exceptional performance and comfort, the strata arms you with high-end features at a value that enables you to put in those extra laps. 

Change your perception of what to expect from an entry-level goggle. With Strata, 100% set out to redefine the standards for what an entry-level goggle should be, the anti-fog, scratch resistant Lexan lens gives you an amazing field of view, and the 40mm silicon coated strap will ensure that your goggles stay put while you are hooning around. The plush, dual layered face foam is soft to touch and will wick away that sweat from around your eye.  An awesome feature of all 100% goggles is that they all share the same lens.

So go ahead, be impressed with the Strata Goggles from 100%

  • Pre-built with Speedlab Vision System to tackle the muddiest conditions
  • Plush, Dual-Layered face foam soaks up sweat
  • Curvature suited for comfort and great field of vision
  • Constructed out of flexible yet durable urethane featuring combined matte & gloss finish
  • Anti-fog, scratch resistant Lexan lens for unimpaired vision complete with dimples 
  • 40mm silicon coated strap holds your goggles in place
  • Included a microfiber bag for cleaning and storage, 2 rolls of film and a mudflap