Risk Racing Holeshot Single Race Gate

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Endorsed by the pro riders, this training tool will have you launching to the front every time.

These Risk Racing practice starting gates are timed completely randomly to keep practices as real as they can be. Working with an electronic, wireless design the rider dos not need to dismount after each launch to reset. LED lights give the rider an indicator to work off - green stands for get ready while flashing red means the gate will drop in 1-5 seconds.

These gates also feature an instant drop feature which is ideal if the rider is working with a trainer, parent etc as it enables the third party to be in control and bypass the lights process.

  • Wireless signal rider operated
  • Ability to link multiple gates for bar to bar practice
  • Very durable construction- used and endorsed by the pros
  • Easy reset
  • Compatible with quads
  • Electronically controlled
  • Random timing sequences 1-5 second delay
  • Single Race gate Included