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Capable of holding up to 680ml of fluid and with 4 different percentage markings along with a general millilitre marking for gearbox/engine oil changes. The Whites Oil mixture jug has all your two-stroke percentage mixing requirements sorted, with a removable bottom for steady pouring in use and convenient storage in your toolbox. While the rubber cap prevents oil from leaking when not in use or when you want to pre-measure your oil for the next fuel up.

4 different percentage mixtures
Can hold up to 680ml
All-purpose ml marking included
Percentage marked
Rubber cap
Removable base

Percentage Markings:
2% (50:1) in 2L increments
3% (33:1) in 2L increments
5% (20:1) in 2L increments
8% (16:1) in 1L increments
0-680ml measuring gauge in 5ml increments

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