ATV/UTV JOINT ASSEMBLY - WPUJ03 20mm/41.25mm int. snap ri

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Replace old and worn out U joints with high-quality Whites ATV/UTV U joint assemblies. Cold forged from SCM-415 steel and case hardened, and pre-greased using hi-temp lithium grease. Included sealed bearing cups keep contamination out and the grease in improving the life of your U joints. While the centrally located grease zero and channels distributes grease evenly when injecting additional grease during maintenance.

Cold forged from SCM-415 steel
Case hardened for additional strength and durability
Pre-greased using hi-temp lithium grease
Bearing cups included preventing contamination
Centrally located grease zero

Diameter: 20mm
Width: 41.25mm
Type: Inner Snap Ring

Kit Includes:
1x ATV/UTV U-Joint
2x 90-degree nipples
4x Circlips
4x Sealed bearing cups

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